The Un-Reformed Vatican

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops does not make the names of the accused clerics public – not even those convicted, removed from ministry or defrocked – which would also help make children safer.
They operate with full impunity because they are following the example set by Pope Francis. He does not make public the names of sexual predators known to the Vatican. Neither has he ordered his men to report accusations of sexual abuse to civil authorities.
With personal knowledge of the allegations against them, Pope Francis has even helped keep at least six sexual predators free men. The worst case is Fr. Don Corradi.
Corradi had been accused of sexually abusing students at the Provolo Institute in Verona, Italy, a school for the deaf where hundreds of children are believed to have been sexually assaulted over the years by two dozen priests and religious brothers.
The first reports of this institutional horror appeared in 2009 including Corradi’s name. “The list of abusers was posted on the internet and specified that Corradi was in Argentina.”
One former student willing to be named at the time was Gianni Bisoli who accused Verona’s late bishop, Giuseppe Carraro, of molesting him on five separate occasions while he was at Provolo.
The association of Provolo victims in Italy wrote to Pope Francis on Dec. 31, 2013, asking for assistance for the victims. Corradi’s name appeared in the letter noting that he was in Argentina. The victims received no help.

The Open Tabernacle: Here Comes Everybody

Every pope “possesses supreme, full, immediate and universal ordinary power in the Church, which he is always able to exercise freely” according to the Code of Canon Law.

Members of the Roman Curia are appointed and granted authority by the pope.

Pope Francis has also changed the Curia administration. First he created a Secretariat for the Economy and a Council for the Economy. Next, he created a Secretariat for Communications. He replaced the management of the Vatican Bank and the Vatican’s financial “watchdog,” the Financial Information Authority. In the past year, he created new departments for Integral Human Development and another for the Laity, Family and Life replacing five previous councils. Also, the pope appointed 27 new members to the Congregation for Divine Worship, changing the department through its personnel.

Yet the anglophone media has declared in scores of reports that Pope Francis’ struggles to “clean-up” the Vatican but…

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2 thoughts on “The Un-Reformed Vatican

  1. It amazes me why people keep going on about the Church when child sex abuse and other abuses are rampant in our societies.
    Our own Govt’s and Authorities have always covered up crimes against children in Australia and police are known for assisting the Church too cover up crimes, hence the term catholic Mafia accurately became common knowledge.
    Our Govt’s and Public services are the biggest problem by far and children and adults are being abused on mass scale in Govt care.
    Please have a thorough read of www.
    Anyone who cares enough to carefully read this whole blog will learn the whole truth, that our Govt’s and Authorities are the biggest danger for children and adults and they abuse harass and persecute victims, carers, whistleblowers, witnesses and advocates.
    Although the church is a disgusting, ungodly institution it is also well protected by Govt and Authorities, but our Political parties forming Govt’s are the main players in injustice and all human abuses. If Govt Ministers, Prime Ministers and Premiers stopped refusing to lawfully perform their duty, the system would be quickly cleaned up for all decent people.


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