Our dreams, sweet dreams?

What do you make of your dreams? Anything?
Here’s a thought on dreams for St Joseph’s Day

St Chrysostom's Church News and Views

Rembrandt: Joseph’s Dream in the Stable

Have you dreamed lately?

What do you think about your dreams?

For centuries in the ‘West’ most people have ignored dreams and simply dismissed them as absurd. In many other cultures people have regarded dreams more significantly.

My own experience of dreams is that at some difficult times working on understanding my dreams has helped me through. Several years ago I worked with a friend who was a Jungian psychotherapist and began to see dreams as often, but not always, expressing truths and ‘speaking’ to me.

A simple beginning to uncovering something about our dreams is to talk about them. Why are there certain features, what do they mean, what do we think is being said? Sometimes it helps to write the dream down.

The Statue of St Joseph in St Chrysostom’s Church

St Joseph (feast day 19th March, transferred to March 20th…

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