Is this the season for miracles? How impressive or convincing does any one event have to be to be considered a miracle and does it have to occur only at this time of the year?
Miracles are a state of mind, a shared event between peoples that raises the awareness of each other as worthy human beings, creatures with much in common under one Sun. The most impressive Miracles are those of the Heart, they have no financial tag or market value. That’s because they are too precious to be counted in coin or other financial instruments. Now if you believe that you have been created in the image of the divine and have empathy for all that is alive around you, then it’s possible for you and I to be the miracles that we need to enrich not only our own lives but the lives of all.
Be the Change that you want to see! I don’t profess to know the answers; I still have too many questions. Yet I have learned that small miracles start with a smile, a gesture of goodwill and then suddenly a whole new world of opportunities opens.
I like to think that ‘Miracles ‘are possible. Not the kind that creates mountains or parts waters. That’s already been written about and possibly done to death to impress people about the powers of the divine, just for the sake of control.
I am talking about the miracles of the Heart. Those tiny deeds and smiles that add quality to the lives of those around us. I have a Heart and I assume that you too have one; biologically it’s essential to maintain our systems operating.
I am talking about the ‘Heart’ that is more than muscle matter and blood vessels. The ‘Heart ‘ of our common humanity that brings us together and makes it possible to create miracles every day , to feel the joy of Christmas everyday – Not confined to a few days of frenzied spending and cooking to impress a select few .
Be the ‘Miracle ‘that you would like to see, reach out and touch another with gentle understanding and a willingness to listen. Find that ‘Miracle ‘in your Heart so it may be found in others. AK

Image by
LSEM – Children’s Health Advocacy Project

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