An open letter to Laurie Penny: thanks, for giving me hope

And, most, importantly a lot of your writing helped me to come to the realisation that my own situation was not my fault; because unemployment and under employment is a designed outcome of neoliberal policies, bought in by governments all over the world. This realisation has relieved much of the pain and the shame I, was carrying in response to being unable to earn above minimum wage and therefore, snag upward mobility. As you have said “when hope dies everything dies” and your words have given me a lot of hope, when I had none…from article


Kia ora ano, Laurie Penny

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for everything you do… for your activism, writing and the empathy you sew into every piece you have ever penned. I’ve just had a hard day of reading the awful and hurtful things that Politicians and journalists (who cut a pay check from their cruelty) in Aotearoa/New Zealand are saying about low waged earners and those of us who are [structurally] unemployed.

Sometimes, I wish journalists would/could understand we are real people, with real hopes and dreams and hearts which beat. I wish I could tell them the hateful shit they say about us, pushes us further into depression, anxiety, and sometimes thinking about suicide.  It hurts so bad to be called a “loser” and “lazy” so often, as if a record player has broken and is stuck on repeat. Their words hurt so fucking much, you know? I am…

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