Had You Known

Had you known? – The Angel Wakes
That I was there to serve and stand with those who knew themselves abandoned.
That I would stand where others might take flight or fear the night before us.
That I, being governed by rules you barely comprehend, will never attend uninvited.
That being banned or excluded by your words and actions, those rules I respect.
That in turning to go, I turn away for unwelcomed I cannot stay.
Had you known that your shallow words and jokes had meaning far beyond the World you see?
Had you known that in your words, you changed my path and sought to find new direction?
You’re World, your words spoken with such callous disregard to all you see!
Had you known that words shape another’s World
Would you have uttered them thus, so freely, no constraint or thought?
Had you known that I could never cross the wall your words build?
Had you known yourself, maybe in time you might have found me?
Did you listen to your own words as you spoke them, did they flow easily then?
That in turning me I turning stay, unwelcomed I will not stay no matter what words follow!
Had you known, would you have taken time to know me
I know your kind and though I love you dearly, I know the cost of loving those;
Those take no time to understand their own meaning! AK
Book of Angels c) A.P. Klein

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