This is a letter I sent to the Townsville Bulletin in reply to two tories, which of course was not printed:

“Labor went to the last election promising to amend the legislation so the foreign corporations would have to pay income tax. Sure they the corporations could threaten to leave Australia, however the corporate world hates a vacuum, and they would soon be replaced. The conservatives have no ‘real’ arguments, all they can do is throw mud, however they have much mud of their own including tripling the budget deficit in 3 long years and pushing unemployment over the million mark.”

Townsville Blog.

Well, well, two defenders for this cruel conservative government out of a population of 200,000, that sounds about right. Firstly ole’ mate Tony James, the reason that the new car industry have been losing money for years in that we have over a million unemployed (Roy Morgan Research) many of whom are, with over another million of under-employed, and a break out of ‘casual’ jobs, living in poverty. Three million of these fellow Australians are living below the poverty line, which puts new car purchases out of the question. However you are quite correct that governments role is not to prop up unsustainable businesses, so why is it that this conservative government subsidizes the coal industry to the tune of billions of our (PAYE) hard earned dollars? And just for the record Tony, I drive a Holden Commodore Executive.

Secondly, because there are none as blind as those who will…

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