The ‘I’ and ‘We’, How we were played as a Civilization!

I have never been able to understand the games that people play. This maybe to cultural differences or even the difference in how language is used. When I grew up, there were two responses to a request. A polite yes or a polite no. There was no need to explain the reasons for either because you simply did what you willed yourself to do, or you did not. The reasons were your own and no one cared unless it was a family matter, but there was no deep seated desire to justify myself to all and sundry that came running along. Now it seems we live in a world of maybe’s , that grey area where promises are never meant to be kept and people choose to talk only about the ‘I ‘ . Of course for many people this talk about the ‘I’ is appropriate for they have little time for anything other than that all engrossing ‘I’, isolated in their little worlds and experts in the fields of the ‘I’.
But little gets done when people dedicate themselves to the greater ‘I’, for most things come to fruition only as a shared experience and effort. So we have created a generation or more of the ‘I’ worshippers who see no importance in anything or anybody other than their own ‘I’. They give it fancy names to justify if being so, make a song and dance about how wonderful that ‘I’ is.
The ‘I’ needing this and needing something else, a never ending search to find it and never looking further then the ‘I’. Pontificating about their ‘I’ and how the world revolves around their ‘I’, how badly the world has treated their ‘I’ for that particular ‘I’ comes with a sense of entitlement. Not because it has contributed to the worth of any particular other, but it deems itself to be in need of being worshipped as the one ‘I’ worthy of worship.
I grew up in a different world, where the ‘We ‘came before the ‘I’. Where all had to have a place at the table for the ‘I’ sat down, where my actions were accountable because they reflected not just on the ‘I’ that was me, but a larger family that was the ‘We’.
The ‘We’ never stifled the ‘I’ that was within me, but it encouraged the ‘I’ to think not just about the me, but about the greater ‘We’.
The ‘I’ learned that good manners was important at all times to ensure harmony among the ‘We’ and that liberties were never taken, for a careless ‘I’ could damage the greater ‘We’.
Things have changed so much, those of my past will trouble themselves to text me from all over the Globe to see that the ‘I’ that build with the others and became a ‘We’ is doing well. Yet here in this culture of the ‘I’ few trouble to return messages, or only if the ‘I’ is in need for here among the shallow debates and divisive drooling of the pack few have as yet discovered the dangers of their so dearly beloved ‘I’ … for in breaking Communities and Families, it is the created ‘I’ that has become compliant and is fed the mealy mouthed political correctness that answers no questions and abrogates accountability to form, ignoring content. Slowly rising from the once was ‘We ‘that moved and shaped things to the ‘I’ of the self-centred ‘I’diocracy …. AK

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