Sunday Thoughts

Life presents people with choices. Following those choices always has outcomes, for better or for worse. Most people appear to have a moral compass that assists in making positive choices for themselves and others.

When that compass is blurred by the constant pressure of advertising , marketing on all levels ( be that from Religious Groups re-branding themselves in the face of recent disclosures ) or from the Multi Nationals selling products designed to fail or peer groups that insist on compliance to make life easier for the individual , those inner moral compasses are severely challenged . It may appear to be so much easier to play along and be accepted and achieve public credibility than it is to stand as an Individual and make it clear that those shallow challenges are not acceptable, nor conducive to a harmonious and sustainable world. The pressure to give the external appearance of being seen as an Individual being in conflict with the many demands made on that Individual.

Often it boils down to having faith in oneself, in making decisions that sets the Individual apart. Yet having faith in oneself, knowing oneself may offer a far greater gift, the ability to have faith in others that do have something of merit to offer. Here one is faced with becoming a more discerning individual, one that makes the effort to improve as a human being. This may well include a personal spiritual journey, those questions that ask to be answered when there is a moment for reflection.

In a World flooded with ideas marketed on so many levels, so many choices and demands placed on Individuals and Groups and the need to feel accepted and acknowledged; it becomes essential that discernment becomes part of life. Making appropriate choices that take into account the emotional, physical and spiritual needs that we need to meet whilst on our journeys.

There have always been those that market dreams, but few among those remain when those dreams become real life nightmares and impact on the Individual and Society as a whole. To bring about a better world, it seems to me that we should focus on the very basics. Build Communities rather than Consumer focused activities and infra-structures. A very urgent paradigm shift that turns the current power pyramid upside down and places the Individual , the Community and Family needs at the top , rather than the models presented with glee by economic forecasters that have about as much credibility as ‘ Astrologers’ as hindsight is a cheap and convincing tool for some to market all sort of foolery.AK

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