Karma Schmarma – A child starving to death is not that Child’s Karma…

Get a grip , if you use the excuse of Karma as a growth then all human abuse , suffering and misery can be comfortably filed into the .. ‘It’s his Karma ‘and ignored. To me, that is offensive.
New Age Shops and the Selling of Spiritual Trinkets –It is a depressing exercise to wander through the various shops loaded with cheap imitations of what were once significant tokens of spiritual growth .
They range from the Celtic to the Dream Catchers of North American Indians, Chinese Good Luck Buddha’s to bizarre and pathetic attempts at Wiccan Mystery Symbols and ‘Black’ Magic Toys .It’s like walking through a spiritual desert when ordinary water if offered in expensive plastic bottles to the seekers of ‘blessed’ wine .
All this fake, superficial plasticity to enhance the spiritual journey which, it appears requires no more than plenty of cash to immediately gratify the seeking soul.
Spiritual Consumerism at its worst, it does not lead to anything except a cluttering collecting of strange talking points that collect dust around the house.
What possible spiritual connection can a 21st century person have with a Statue of Isis? Maybe rubbing the Buddha’s belly might change personal fortune? Cleverly polished crystal designed to connect with the Oneness of the Universe?
I think not, these are symbols of a past barely understood by the pilgrim with cash in his pocket and no understanding or willingness to have a look at the most significant symbol around; himself!
Even more offensive is the claim by some of these alleged ‘thinkers’ that everyone undergoes their own journey. This nihilistic attitude accepts that others suffer for the sake of learning some tutorial for a brighter future.
Even worse , this idea that life is a personal junket to ensure growth of the spirit is the willingness of the so called seer’s to tolerate the most destructive behaviour and suffering of others because it’s their ‘own’ journey and given Karma , it might teach something or come back and bite them in the arse !
On the one hand they teach that we are all ‘One ‘…connected and sharing this ever shrinking planet , on the other , well it’s their journey and who am I to interfere. This selfish, consumer mentality tolerates not only abuse (because that’s obviously a lesson) but sits idly by whilst others die due to neglect, political mind games and economic blunders.
Yes, we are ONE, we travel together. There is little separation between us; more ties us together than that which separates us. Being ‘One’ we have a duty of care towards another, to make decisions locally that will benefit globally.
None of this can be achieved by magical thinking and quick fix purchases of what is essentially ‘rubbish’. The only real spiritual journey is one that takes place in your heart; the only real temple worth visiting resides within you. The only worth symbols keeping are the memories of that which you corrected within yourself to make you a better human being able to know the Universal Divine . Keep your money in your pocket for the day that you have a chance to purchase food or lodging, education and a future for another. Spending it on trinkets and the advice of so called ‘seers’ achieves nothing, except an exchange of financial value.
The spiritual journey cannot be completed in a shop …….it takes place whilst living with other people, reaching out and taking chances. Make a difference …..Everything else is just so very fake..AK

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