The Insanity of Gender Neutral Language in a World of Gender Diversity

The world is filled with sexual stereotypes , many are unfortunate left over’s from days gone by and should be eliminated for the sake of making all people more comfortable living with one another . Yet this world is filled with sexuality and sexual diversity among human beings as never before fully understood or tolerated by the Judeo-Christian mindset. The earlier Greek and Roman Cultures had little issue with those diversities they were aware of, carved statues and ‘hermaphrodite creatures in classical sculpture’ (Oxford Dictionary) are still admired today.

In reality the world is filled with sexual diversity, and those seeking to identify themselves as such have struggled to create a language that meets their needs and helps in having their basic humanity recognized. Labels have been applied by religious, medical and social experts to somehow come to terms with the reality of this normal diversity. From the standard Heterosexual to the Metrosexual and many other sexual types in between. Of course it has been argued that language should be neutral as it is assumed by some to be some magical way of the patriarchy undermining women through the ages. There may be some validity to this regarding certain language use, but gender neutral language denies the very sexuality of the human condition and its many diverse expressions and once again, like the dumbing down caused by political correct speak, it does not enhance the status of the individuals that are so rightly diverse and seeking human expression but creates a class of elitist thought that then seeks to control the sexual diversity of the human species.

In all seriousness, it is not possible to walk down the street without being faced with sexuality; the air is literally filled with the pheromones of our species affecting the behaviour or physiology of all others of the species. We market perfumes to make ourselves more alluring, or in my case aftershave and under arm deodorant to make me smell less male, less dirty and offensive. Those have taken a whiff of my socks would appreciate the need for scent reduction though my dog seems enamoured with cast of clothing waiting for the wash.

It really is time to get over the fact that we, as human beings are so very different. There should be no need to hide behind mind numbing words and senseless debates. It is this diversity that makes the human species wonderful as long as we treat one another with respect, the sexual congress between peoples is only by informed consent and the young are protected from abuse, no matter what. For even the sexually diverse have children whom they love very much, have hopes for and are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

I don’t care what sexual diverse faction you or any- one else belongs to, you are entitled to respect and the same care and attention that should be lavished on all. Of course, in return I expect to be treated with the same respect and when we sit down to share a cup of tea and laugh about that which goes on, our sexuality really does not matter for we meet as human beings first accepting that diversity is that which gives colour to our species, inspires the arts and those that seem a little different. And if it comes to discussing personal problems, your gender diversity does not frighten me or stun me from showing an interest and a willingness to help. We meet as human beings first, in the knowledge that it is a diverse world, one that does not need gender neutral language to once again hide the realities of your struggle or mine. AK

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