Write to your representatives, take action!

I ask for your help in requesting the NHMRC fund medical research into the illness, using the latestInternational Consensus Criteria for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (2012) and looking at the leading international research, perhaps contributing financially to an international study? At the moment most Australian doctors are using the outdated, inaccurate and possibly harmful 2002 Australian CFS criteria (if you are writing to a state or territory representative, consider changing this paragraph to services your state could provide).

ME Australia

by Sasha Nimmo and artwork by Peta Manning

Need a kick-start to writing a letter? This is a letter template to help you write to politicians and bring attention to the issue. Use it as a guide to create your own letter, remove or add parts as you wish. 

Now is the time to write, before this year’s federal election!

Before you start, consider asking for what you need, tell your story and tailor it to the minister/shadow minister you are writing to. This will help you determine who to send it to; either via your local member or to the minister/s responsible for the area. Address each letter to only one person at a time (but send as many as you like!), otherwise the recipients may assume others are responding and the impact will be lessened.

Personalise: Talk about your life before your illness: What was your career? Could…

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