Failing States – Global Dysfunction

No State can function beneficially for its inhabitants when it is divided by destructive social and other policies that dis-enfranchise the majority of the Population. This lack of function can be observed in the breakdown of family structures, increasing crime rates and the creation of ‘ Crime ‘ by the introduction of repressive laws that serve none bar the collectors of revenue.
Governments at all levels must be fully accountable and all actions transparent. It must also be accepted that the Westminster System of Governance may appeal to those with an English Tradition but it may have no relevance to cultures with other traditions and expectations.
Globally there is a lack of quality leadership and a pandering to the lowest common denominator, Education being denied to a rising number of people and basic infra structures neglected in an attempt to pander to what is perceived to be the ideal model of Economic Behaviour.
Mindless Consumption at all costs with a total disregard for the future , growing labelling of Communities and Individuals as being less worthy , their overall worth determined not by their contribution to their Societies but by their ability to spend . This is not sustainable. The next 20 years will see an increase of small wars (fabricated or other) to both control essentials like ‘Water’ and to distract populations from the real crisis that are developing.
The change of language since 9/11 is an indication of the basic World view that Governments have lost the ability and willingness to ‘Govern’ and in response the most essential and basic needs have been outsourced to be met by those with a financial incentive to imitate the functions of the State without the questionable accountability created by various electoral systems.
Former Colonial States are still suffering from imposed conditions that will continue to create friction between those sharing resources as a divided Community whilst profits are moved into more affluent Countries. AK
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