Hypocrisy & The Catholic Church; My Brother’s Story

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anne frandi-coory

Excerpt 10 from ‘Whatever Happened To Ishtar?; A Passionate Quest To Find Answers For Generations Of Defeated Mothers’ 

(Anne Frandi-Coory’s brother Kevin wrote this true story when he was a teenager).


Kevin in tennis shoes blog My brother Kevin at the time of his First Holy Communion…was it really more important to make his communion than for the Catholic Church to feed this hungry boy and our mother?

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Standing in the centre of the Wellington railway station foyer she stood searching the faces of people rushing by. Like a solitary rock in a fast flowing river, unnoticed by the torrent of human turmoil that buffeted around her. The boy sitting on a bench to the side of the foyer watched forlornly as his mother screened each face that passed by, hoping to glimpse someone she knew.

After an hour or so she gave up and made her way to…

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