We have a chance to do something speacial! We would be stupid to allow it too pass by!

please read and share , positive comments appreciated . The Author is compelled to use very basic IT services and equipment . Thank you !


​People iften say “Koby you do so much” of “you’re such an inspiration and brave”. I am not really, to me anyway…. to me any the work I do feels only natural. I am a believer of insticts and I trust mine, I trust that the judgments I make are from pure heart and wisdom combined. People are often amazed that every campaign I do is run off my mobile. Recently I smashed my phone so things have been hard.

This campaign is taking off andbwe are engaging with people from all walks of life. I am proud that our campaign is becoming a movement of the community. We are standing up and fighting back but with action and not just words, we are just doing our thang and regaining our sense of community and unity. We are the definition of self determination. Lets make Ballarat the best it can…

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