Learning the folly of Language based on War – Australia 2016

For Years now we have been flooded with information about ‘Terror Threats ‘ and the Australian Government has dedicated huge amounts of money and created a special Border Protection Force to keep this Country safe from perceived threats. More recently another campaign was launched encouraging all to keep an eye on suspicious behaviours, the sort of thing that one assumes hard hardened and terrorists would do in Public Places; just to be spotted leaving multiple Passports next to their Cafe Late or whatever else passes for coffee. Just a quick peep over a ‘sus’ looking person and hey presto, a quick phone call and Team Australia kicks into action. Personally I am not quite sure how the average person is able to identify the subtle cues given off by possible ‘Terrorists’ but unfortunately it might again have something to do with colour and beards. (Though I stand to be corrected).

Now given all the hype that the Mainstream Media thrives on, I would have thought that in the United States at least, guarding the border and securing flights and transport from attacks would be essential. Then I read this from the article below ‘ Anyone who has ever passed through airport security can tell that being a TSA screener is not the most fun job. What is less obvious are some of the other drawbacks, beyond the stress and tedium. Many TSA employees are hired on a part-time basis, and they earn low salaries and bonuses. The result is poor morale among screeners and a high attrition rate—which isn’t helping the already low staffing levels.’ For a role that would apparently keep the Nation Safe , many in those roles are hired on a part time basis and they earn low salaries and bonuses !(  http://www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2016/06/lines-thought)

Strikes me as somewhat of an Oxymoron when I am told that I must be very alert and conscious of the threat facing us all (Number One in a recent COAG Meeting) and those placed at the very front line appear to get the sort of pay and support given to Cleaners. (Please correct me if I get this wrong). Though on the other hand, since 9/11, the language of War has become ever so popular and it offers dysfunctional Governments quick distractions to social problems at home that do need to be addressed. In fact they must be addressed to ensure that those seeking to recruit from the disenfranchised and confused young who often feel they have no future and buy into causes often to feel a sense of purpose and mission. We owe our young a sense of purpose and mission, if the threat of terror is so real we must deny the very recruiters the oxygen they thrive on. We must build Communities that offer support and above all, we must have a sense of decency and humanity when dealing with all in our Communities, taking advantage of the very multi-cultural diversity that makes us not only intellectually strong but incredibly innovative. We must make peace within our own Communities, accept the faults of the past and move on.

Terror does not threaten us from abroad to the extent that some Politicians would have us believe. Social Discontent, a litany of broken promises and lost hope is that which will undermine the Australia that I love. Not only did Turnbull or Shorten not attend the Vietnam Vets repatriation, treasurer Scott Morrison ‘accused Labour of declaring “war on business” and using “tax as their bullets” at the exact moment the first of two RAAF planes carrying the remains of Australian soldiers touched down on home soil.’

The age and sense of entitlement is claimed to be over, though I doubt that many struggling to purchase homes and pay ordinary bills ever felt financially blessed by the Governments past and present. Those Political Leaders that believed themselves entitled to rule and govern leaving behind a wake of broken promises and dreams can be held to account, though many young are so dis-enchanted that their participation in the process is not assured. ‘

When the Drums of War sound, ask you who benefits. When it is the Drums of an ally, who is really called to action.

Neither Turnbull nor Shorten bothered to attend the repatriation of our Dead from Malaysia. So little do such men value the lives offered up in now forgotten Wars and Emergencies. What does all this tell me? I am disappointed by the inane way that our Governments continue to fail the People of this Country. I am tired hearing the divisive refrain encouraging me to spy on my follow Australians. Above all, I am tired of seeing this Country driven to the brink commercially, our Flora and Fauna treated in ways that make no sense, tired of seeing families struggle daily. Just tired because we have, as a Nation, so many wonderful and inspired people that simply need some real hands on support and real innovative thinking to build a Country that is a Home to all that find it their haven. Tired of the mythology of terror that is used to distract from the real horrors facing the old and young, the inability to pay heating costs or maintain mortgages and homes. Frustrations leading to explosions of anger when seriously, given some serious goodwill and a lack of petty party kinder garden activities, we could grow this Nation and its people! AK

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