Bringing them Home- Bringing it Home Religion – Faith Based Groups and the Secular State of the 21st Century

It is a non -sense to suggest that the Secular State is free from the pernicious influence of the Religious and Faith based groups that have not only lost the focus of their stated mission – the bringing of the Light and Salvation – when such groups willingly engage in the lobbying of Secular Leaders and elected Politicians.

They exert pressure using the numbers of bums on seats philosophy of control combined with access to funds provided by those who sadly have bought the lies of the false Gods that they have created as a marketing exercise.

It is easy to claim to be speaking in the name of the Divine and to refer to Revelations and the benefit of Divine Guidance it is even easier to find such criminals because they have left a trail of destruction in their wake.

In Australia alone , more than 500,000 Persons have fallen victim to such scams and orchestrated predation since WWII alone and we refer to them as the ‘Stolen Generation ‘. Those half a million persons have all been affected adversely by the conduct of these ‘Faith ‘ based groups and Government Departments who were happy to be advised from those lovingly appointed marketers of the ‘Word’.

We are currently having Royal Commissions into the terrible dealings that caused the ‘Forgotten Children ‘ , the removal of those deemed at risk of moral danger and other such non-sense .

Then of course the impact of the ‘Orphaned Migrants ‘who were placed into the loving hands of various Roman Catholic Church groups who, once in the clutches of the maniacal cultists (faithful ) did not benefit from the unconditional love of the ‘Christ ‘ but served to provide cheap labour and children ready for sexual predation by those who sought their prey hidden by Religious titles and well connected support .

The Salvation Army was not exception to this practice of using the most vulnerable to make itself a more credible political force , provide sexual gratification for its own officers and financial incentives for those who knowingly accepted the ‘better ‘ life style offered with a smile and open hands .. and suffer the little Children . The cost of these criminal behaviours is beyond the pale, not just in financial terms but the very real suffering and ruination of lives.

A Generation of the most vulnerable, removed from their ‘Families ‘and ‘Communities ‘to be turned into ‘acceptable ‘human beings. Acceptable for further exploitation and manipulation , acceptable for the creation of a huge infra- structure of ‘ Service Providers ‘ that now are thought to manage the affairs of those damaged in many cases beyond repair and living in horror of their memories .

The Mafia was successful because it had standards that at least tried to protect the interests of its members in the original place of its birth, an occupied little Island seeking to protect its own people from exploitation. The Mafia (the Black Hand) in time became corrupted as the pressures caused by the Occupiers was removed and moved into other activities to allow for survival, in time becoming seen as a pariah and treated accordingly both by the Government and the Media.

There is NO difference between the activities of these Faith based groups and Mafia in its own End of Days.

Having lost its focus and mission into the hands who were well aware of the loss , these Groups have become perverted and used by Individuals seeking to control others and provide never ending supplies of those that need ‘ Service Suppliers ‘ and ‘Case Managers ‘ to manage what little quality of life , self- worth and dignity was left .

If you have a problem with this concept I advise you to carefully study the revelations of the Royal Commissions , the responses by the Roman Catholic Church and the on- going desire by the Salvation Army to be seen as the Voice of those they have crippled and made voiceless by fear leaving the survivors to struggle daily with the memories of being brought into the Light by having their bodies used and abused in oh so many terrible ways and even worse , NONE of this was done without the knowledge and at least tacit approval of those representing the Secular State . We do not need to be saved from the Shepherds, for we are not sheep.

We do need serious criminal investigations into the behaviours of Groups that behave much like organized crime groups on a scale that is difficult to comprehend . We must acknowledge the loss and suffering caused and take responsibility for we elected Leaders that allowed this to happen and above all , we must approach this in a way that is applicable to dealing with ‘Criminals ‘ and ‘Predators ‘ and not always shy away from this when they raise their invalid little voices and claim divine credibility .

It is time for a serious miracle , the bringing of the truth and light and then we may bring all those Children home , because ‘Home ‘ is where they should have been and not in the clutches of the most vile . It is time to bring them all ‘Home ‘, it is time to bring home too the responsibility and breach of duty of care that was rampant. Bring the ‘Children ‘ Home and never again allow the building of a super structure of deceit and lies relying on those very grey areas of human perceptions , those seen as less worthy and deemed in need of ‘Love ‘ for they received NO Love , No Education and No Futures . This crime is a crime against the Secular State and must be treated accordingly and ruthlessly. AK

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