Australia – at war with itself

Australia – a nation at War with itself 1901 -2015 Australia has been a Country that has been known for its ready acceptance of people’s from all across the Globe. We have a multi-cultural Society second to none . These Cultures have always been encouraged to maintain the best of their own traditions , build social clubs and cultural societies to encourage not only their own feeling of being at home but also making it possible to have taste of the Global Community without having to leave our Golden Shores . This cultural diversity has been the most significant asset that we have had thus far in coming to understand the other Nations of Peoples across the Globe . It did not matter , once the ‘White Australia Policy ‘ (1901 soon after the Federation of Australia, and the policies were progressively dismantled between 1949 and 1973 ) We must stand United in all things for the enemy of the people is United , eloquent and so very destructive and always willing to create those who will easily be discredited allowing for the dysfunctional system to continue . One that has corrupted our very nature as people loving Australians willing to embrace other cultures and make an effort to embrace people of all classes .. the notion of mateship and friendship above class being steadily demolished . Not just in our life time but ever since the very founding of this Nation . A system so obvious in its control yet so well hidden by the antics of Politicians and their Party Games .. the greatest weakness of the Westminster System – The Senior Advisors , those seemingly harmless men and women who are seen as politically emasculated giving advice to ever changing Minsters that present many others to the Electors but once they are guided by these persons without public accountability , without exposure to the Public Eye seek to Guide the Nation in their interest . Reflecting on this carefully and I have found that there is a pattern of pernicious control and a diversion to keep our eyes off the ball and distracted . The British TV Series ‘Yes Minister ‘ and ‘Yes Prime Minister ‘ being seen as a satire and laughed at yet seriously studied by the Chinese Political Academics that advise the Chinese Government for in Truth the answer is one of condescending Senior Public Servants who decide that which the Minister sees for no State can be governed by Leaders that change every 3 years. In the West Minster System that ‘continuity ‘ of Government is assured by the presence of senior Public Servants who serve who ? The Chinese abandoned their studies for it became too unwieldy to continue and try and explain all the very subtle controls exercised by this type of Governance and in truth it makes little sense that such Leading Figures are never held to account . A legacy of the Colonial Masters that settled our wonderful country and now seek to sow discord among our multi- cultural society . They have always been United and able to ensure that no new Government initiative ever comes off the ground , and in whose interest does this lie ? For the people having chosen by Vote to decide which path to follow, these persons in grey direct the true course of our Nation . China makes such officials accountable and open to scrutiny and question , over the last 12 month over 26000 Party Officials ( the petty and leading’Mandarins ‘ having been investigated and found wanting , having become either corrupt or incompetent ) they have been dealt with , each according to his own . In the face of such menace to liberty by those who are protected by the very offices they hold, we must stand United. This is reflected in the way that the crisis of Homelessness was allowed to become a disaster , one of the many discordant events in our Culture where blame placement and minimizing the reality of the crisis into marketable ‘issues ‘ that can then be ignored . I refer to the Green paper published by the Rudd Government in 2008 “Foreword After 17 years of continuous economic growth it is simply unacceptable that, each night, 100,000 Australians are homeless. Half are under 24 years-old, and 10,000 are children. Human dignity begins the day you can call a place home. That’s why homelessness is now a very important part of the Australian Government’s social inclusion agenda. In January we announced that we would develop a new approach to reduce homelessness over the next decade. This Green Paper is the first step. The causes of homelessness are complex, the effects of homelessness are debilitating and the costs of homelessness to individuals, families and the community are huge. Homeless Australians lose opportunities to be part of their families, their community and the economy. They miss out on things the rest of us take for granted—a good education, decent health care and a secure place to call home. Our response to homelessness needs to be improved. The truth is that we are not having enough impact on the lives of homeless Australians. To make our new approach work we need national commitment and strong leadership. Reducing homelessness must be a shared responsibility. We need to work harder to prevent homelessness and this means intervening earlier. Government, community, business and the homeless all have a role to play. It means improving the crisis and emergency response and working this in better with mainstream health, education, justice and employment services. Only this will stop the cycle of homelessness. This is a once in a generation opportunity. Our new approach to homelessness will look beyond providing a bed and a hot meal. It will offer homeless Australians new opportunities to be part of their community. These will be the same opportunities as other Australians—to get training, to find work, to get health care and build social networks. This Green Paper aims to promote discussion. It also puts forward principles, targets and concrete options for reform. Now we want to know what you think, because the Government doesn’t have all the answers. So read the Green Paper and send in your response. Or come along to one of the public consultations we are holding around the country. We look forward to your active participation. We owe it to 100,000 Australians—as well our future generations—to get this right. The Hon Kevin Rudd MP Prime Minister The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP” Green paper – Which Way Home ? A new approach to Homelessness May 2008 Australian Federal Government . “
The response by the Homelessness Sector has been abysmal . Faith based agencies and other compete for funding . Definitions of homelessness are interpreted differently depending on the desired outcome and those who claimed to be the Voice of those Disadvantaged and Suffering have remained silent , possibly in fear of losing funding or maybe worse . Who benefits from sowing discord among the Australian People ? Who benefits from misdirecting elected Politicians ( John Howard Former Liberal Party Prime Minister has made it clear that he was misled and lied to regarding the Weapons of Mass Destructions in Iraq ) . Tony Blair is facing calls to be tried as a War criminal , yet all this time our ‘Public Servants ‘ spoke to one another and unlike the satire of ‘Yes Minister ‘ the efforts by our elected Leaders were stymied by those who felt it appropriate to say ‘ No Minister , let me appraise you of the reality ‘ . Who has provided the continuing management of the State between Elections and continues to advise and make themselves available to lobby groups and vested interest groups. Maybe it is high time to have a process in place that applies some degree of quality control over the behaviour of these Senior Public Servants , though I do not personally see this approach being encouraged for it is very much a case of ‘Yes Minister ‘ and ‘ Yes Prime Minister ‘ which will continue until we fully understand the complexity and wheels within wheels that have been created to socially manage this Country since it was first ‘invaded ‘ and ‘colonized ‘ by the British and in many ways became part of the Social Experiments of the Western Anglo Saxon connected Empire Builders . For in Diversity is strength and multi- culturalism a blessing and our Muslim members are not the enemy we seek , for only 5 Million was spend on Iraq by Tony Abbott on the stage managed War on terror yet 800 Million dedicated for the creation of Priests . I have so many questions and truly fear for my Country . AK

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