D.H.S Grant Uni Student Access To 100’s of 1’000s of State Ward Files!

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I would like to tell you about a University student who was given access to 100’000,s of thousands of state ward files.KateGaffney was granted access to these files as she was doing a thesis on institutionalisation.KateGaffney‘s thesis mainly pertained to Winlaton Girls Reformitory and why would’nt it seeing as KateGaffney‘s mother was supervisor of Winlaton.Nepotism at it’s best.Forgotten Australian’s have consistantly been told that no records or files are available as they got lost in the passage of time.I emailed DHS complaints to vent my disgust and they informed me that the privacy act was changed in the year 2000 and as kategaffney‘s request was granted in the late nineties there was nothing they or anyone can do about it.I have copies of that thesis and also electronic correspondance with KateGaffney stating who…

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